The end of an era. Beginning anew

Our final “Prayers of the People” as we celebrated the last Eucharist on Linwood Ave.

We pray in thanksgiving for the one holy catholic and apostolic church in all times and places, of which this congregation and its building have been a part, for The Episcopal Church, for Michael, our Presiding Priest, for the Diocese of New Jersey, for William, our Bishop, and for Shawn, our Priest and for all Priests and other ministers who have served and supported St. John’s Church in Maple Shade.

We pray in Thanksgiving for the men and women who founded this congregation, who made personal sacrifices in order for it to grow and flourish, and who used their talents and skills in building up a community of faith.

We pray in thanksgiving for this congregation’s ministries thoughout its life; for its gatherings of praise and prayer, for its faithful use of the means of grace, and for its study of the scriptures.

We pray in thanksgiving for the work of mission this congregation has supported and for all the lives that have been affected by God’s work through us.

We pray in thanksgiving for this sacred space that has sheltered St. John’s Episcopal Church over many years, that the memory of this sanctuary will continue to inspire devotion to the God who makes all things possible.

We pray in thanksgiving for all who hold special attachments to this congregation and to this sanctuary; for those who have been baptized, nurtured in faith, confirmed, or married in this place; that the Holy Spirit’s gifts continue to sustain them even as this congregation’s outward expression comes to a conclusion in this sanctuary.

We pray in thanksgiving for the members of this congregation, who will continue gathering as a people of God in new ways in new places, as we affirm that today marks not only the end of an era, but also the beginning of new opportunities for worship and service.

We pray in thanksgiving for all who have been a part of the ministry of this congregation throughout its life, for those who have remained constant in the face of challenges, for those who have moved away, for all who have died and now rest in you and we rejoice that we are joined together in one eternal communion.

Almighty God, by your Holy Spirit you have made us one with your saints in heaven and on earth: Grant that in our earthly pilgrimage we may always be supported by this fellowship of love and prayer, and know ourselves to be surrounded by their witness to your power and mercy. We ask this for the sake of Jesus Christ, in whom all our intercessions are acceptable through the Spirit, and who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen